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So I'm up to halfway--25,000 words--on the NaNo, which puts me about a week behind. I'll probably do a little more work on it after Thanksgiving dinner, assuming the turkey doesn't put me to sleep.

It's been an interesting journey--I starting making better progress when I sat down and hashed out an outline but even after doing that, things had a delightful way of spinning off in odd directions that I wasn't expecting. A lot of it is stuff that will probably be cut should I transform this into a potentially publishable form (which I'm still debating--there seems to be far too much wish-fulfillment in it for it to be of interest to anybody but myself.)

I also have Friday and much of the weekend to put time into it. So we shall see. I'm determined to see it through.

Today I took pleasure in a cinnamon roll and green tea.

Today I learned my microwave can render a partially frozen cinnamon roll into warm and tasty form in about thirty seconds flat.