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I've been largely oblivious to the goings-on about flagging content, outside of a few remarks on my friends list, and arielography packing up and going to InsaneJournal. I'm frankly surprised that fandom hasn't screamed more loudly, but I'm guessing most of them already packed up and moved elsewhere during the previous kerfuffle.

I will state for the record that I'm not thrilled with the state of affairs, but largely resigned to it. Besides, I paid for permanent--bailing would gain me nothing, really. But I don't blame people for heading elsewhere, or deciding to place their journal under lock and key.

I initially flagged my journal as "adult concepts" (much to the consternation of my parents, who didn't get why their bookmark to my blog suddenly led to this strange page that asked them to confirm they were at least 14 years old.) Then I realized that I don't really do much more in the public entries than cuss a bit here and there because, well, my parents have my blog bookmarked. So the public entries on this journal are now open to all viewers unless enough people are shocked by language to flag this thing enough times to get it under review. I don't think enough people even read this journal for it to be a problem.

Besides, what twelve year old is going to be remotely interested in the life and times of a woman of a certain age with a condo and an office job?

So. Went to the EARL to see The Happenstance on Saturday--a sort of 24 Hour Plays for musicians, where bands are formed by picking names out of a hat and are given one day to come up with a twenty minute set of brand-new songs and one cover. It's always a fun show because the songs are charged with a certain level of excitement since they're all fresh out of the box. Unfortunately, I didn't make it all the way through the night--I guess I'm getting too old for this stuff--but I did enjoy the bands that I did see.

Work has been good. I didn't have too much on my plate, so I tackled the supply shelves and reorganized them so the useless stuff was on the bottom shelves and the useful things were in easier reach. The same spring-cleaning type energy ended up carrying over into my evening, so I have a scrubbed sink, a swept floor, and clean underwear. Yeaye!

Christmas shopping is nearly done. Still have to get something for the teenage niece, but the younger two nieces are covered. All of the siblings have opted out of gift giving, which makes things much easier.

It's a full moon on Christmas Eve. Interesting.

Today I took pleasure in cleaning my kitchen. Yes, really.

Today I learned Phoenix and Dragon has a little art gallery sort of thing in the back.