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Sneaking an entry in . . .

I'm at work, so I'm going to be adding to this one sentence at a time.

So, I finally, finally, finally got to the the dudes at Cineprov! in their new digs. They're basically a live version of MST3K--three dudes on a couch making comments while a film plays. Granted, the comments come a little thicker and faster than in the guy-and-two-robots format and since it's improvised rather than hashed out in advance, you don't often get those gut-busting moments of perfection. But it's still a lot of fun. The film they did that night was Viva Las Vegas in honor of Elvis Presley's birthday. I found it a bit surprising that a film with We Need Money For This Thing as a plot point that was set in Las Vegas didn't even so much as flirt with gambling as a possible solution. But, you know, it's much, much easier to milk a musical number out of a talent show than a poker game.

The new digs for Cineprov! are, oddly enough, in the basement of the old church next to where my friend Lake used to live. I even ended up parking on the street where I used to park to visit Lake. The place didn't quite look the same without the hearse in front of it. The place also houses several other improv troups, so I took in another show by another group before calling that a night.

Saturday night brought another trip to the Star Bar to see The Hiss and, um, a couple of other bands. Oh, yeah, Cars Can Be Blue (the opener) and The Coathangers (the headliner.) Cars Can Be Blue were a duo with a lo-fi sensibility and a sick sense of humor. The Coathangers were a garage band with girls in it, but by that point I wasn't paying much attention because I was flirting with a cute German guy named Birger (yeah, a German guy with a Norwegian name--even he admitted it was a little weird.) He was only in America for a short time, on business, so there was no point in getting a phone number, but he wasn't a bad kisser.

Sunday night I was this close to going to Java Monkey but ended up driving home. It was a good thing I did, too--when I got home, I lay down on the bed for 'just a moment' and woke up at midnight, in my clothes and all woozy. I hopped online for a moment, put on pajamas and slept.

So, Monday I decided I needed to do something about the Doctor Who scarf that's been sitting on my closet shelf for, well, ages. I'm not even entirely sure how it came to be in my possession--I'm thinking that big sis puppetmaker40 passed it on to me for some reason. I contemplated putting it on eBay, but didn't want to hassle with shipping. So I pondered--who do I know who is a hardcore Doctor Who geek who would like this sort of thing and doesn't already have one?

So I emailed Adam. I've mentioned him briefly in this journal before--he was the musician I met at the Kenny Howes show at the Star Bar. He managed to find my MySpace page and we'd been emailing intermittently ever since. I even pointed him to a page on my cyfishy blog where I'd put up screenshots of some Doctor Who geekiness I'd found in Second Life.

I told him about the scarf and asked if he wanted it. "Does a bear wear a funny hat?" he wrote back. "Hell yes."

(Did I mention I had a hopeless crush on this guy? Anyway.)

So last night I trundled down to Midtown to deliver. He was absolutely bowled over, and his wife seemed impressed as well. They thanked me by giving me three bottles of wine that they had handy. (They have relatives who own a vineyard in Tennessee.) Not bad in an evening's work.

So that catches me up to today. I'll tell you more about it when when I'm done. ;)

Today (so far) I took pleasure in my superawesometastic breakfast smoothie.

Today I learned the fax machine at work will choke if you give it too many pages at once.


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Jan. 16th, 2008 04:48 pm (UTC)
So YOU had the scarf.

I am glad that it has gone onto another fan.
Jan. 16th, 2008 04:52 pm (UTC)
I'm relieved, 'cos I'd feel really awful about having to ask for it back!

It had been in my bedroom closet for so long I'd assumed it was mine. :/
Jan. 19th, 2008 02:59 pm (UTC)
Surely this isn't the same Birger we went to the High with, like, ten years ago who was semi-cute but weird? How many Germans who spell their name like that can there be?

I think / suspect that most / all of the Coathangers are girlfriends / friends of The Hiss, but I may be wrong. (None showed any particular interest in or talent for making music when I hung out with that group, but there's no telling what they did when not at concerts, parties or dancing or whatever.)

P.S.: Why yes, Smokey the Bear definitely wears a funny hat! :P
Jan. 19th, 2008 05:04 pm (UTC)
Oh, no. Not THAT Birger at all, though I did tell him when he told me his name that I had, in fact, heard the name before.

And the Birger we went to the High with was Norwegian, not German. I only remember that because I wrote down every single freakin' detail of the time we first met him and recently reread it.

I was too far from the stage to really recognize any of the chicks from The Coathangers, particularly since I was too busy making friends with the Birger I'd just met.
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