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Cake or Death!

I choose . . . cake. I had this coupon for fifty cents off of those faboo Pepperidge Farm three-layer-cakes and I wanted to use it before it expired on Tuesday, so I went out in search of cake. Went to the Kroger near my workplace and found that those particular cakes were Buy One Get One Free. So I got an abundance of cake for two dollars and seven cents. Not bad.

No, really, my life hasn't been that boring. I've even been getting out and stuff. Two weekends ago I checked out the Kinks tribute going on at the Echo Lounge and the opening act--A Fir-Ju Well--was a pleasant surprise. I'll definitely keep an eye out for them again. They even ended their set with a couple of Kinks tunes as a kind of transition to the show to follow. Ran into the ex-roomie and we hung out for most of the show.

Just this past weekend, I went out on a date with the owner of the lap I was sitting in for much of Dragon Con. Strange but true. We went to East Atlanta, ate at the EARL, checked out what was left of the street festival they were having and then went to the Starlight Drive-In and watched Underworld which was a hilarious movie in its glossy I-Wanna-Be-The-Matrix-Without-All-That-Weird-Philosophy-Stuff way. At any rate, we were entertained.

Sunday I slept. A lot. At least I was able to go to Java Monkey without falling asleep before the feature came on, like I did last week.

Today I read books and checked more books out of the library and bought cake. Not a bad way to spend a day off.