I'm forever less and more (wonderbink) wrote,
I'm forever less and more

Attempting a post via the iPhone...

My nieces had many prezzies to open. Eggs Benedict was fabulous.

I went to the movies with the David family. I didn't particularly want to see The Tale of Despereaux, so I settled on The Spirit. Peter, my brother-in-law, grudgingly agreed to watch it with me on the basis that people were inevitably going to ask him what he thought of it anyway. I also talked my niece Ariel into going with us.

Best surrealist comedy of 2008, people. I laughed all the way through it.

Dinner and Daveparty tonight. I even get tomorrow off. Woot!

Today I took pleasure in a ridiculous film.

Today I learned that posting on my LJ via the iPhone not that easily done.
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