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So, how much do I suck, exactly?

. . . because azewewish had a birthday two days ago and I couldn't be arsed to poke my head into the blogosphere and wish her a happy one. Or, you know, call her or text her or something.

So I suck. I'm going to sit here in the corner with my Hat of Suck and write "I will pay better attention to things" a hundred times or so.

(Writing things fifty times didn't really take well with me when I was a kid. They made me do it a few times, and the basic principle is fairly sound--if you write a sentence over and over again enough times, it probably sinks into your thought patterns. Some grown-ups do a similar process, only they phrase them as positives and call them 'affirmations'. Problem was, I would tackle the task as an assembly line and write "I" fifty times, then "will" fifty times, then "not" fifty times and so on. Probably didn't work as intended. But it shut me up for however long it took me to write it, so maybe it served its purpose. But this is a hell of a tangent to fit between a pair of parentheses.)

In a crazy odd mood right now. As you might maybe might have guessed. I'm not sure if it's afternoon stimulants or the crashing waves of two different crushes on two different boys (only one of whom I have the slightest prayer of anything happening with, and even then it's a Hail Mary Pass kind of prayer.)

Sicked out the day after New Year's and had to take care of billing upon my return on Monday. The bulk of it is in the mail, I'm just down to what I have termed the 'nag letters' where we enclose a little note from the attorney on nice letterhead that reminds the client how long it's been since we last got a payment, hint hint.

Have gotten hopelessly hooked on Zero Punctuation and have been making my way through the previous episodes. I don't even play video games, and these things make me bust a gut laughing.

Obtained a copy of Scrivener and plowed the novel into it. I haven't even used all the nifty features but so far I'm loving the hell out of this thing. (As much as you can, you know, love a computer program.) I'm getting a better feel for what I want to do with the novel and spent an hour grafting in a new scene that built the tension in what felt like a more plausible way. Funnily enough, I always wind up emerging from a writing session like that feeling vaguely guilty, like I should have been working or something . . .

Think I may do another poke at it now, actually . . .

Today I took pleasure in a gmail chat with one of the crushes.

Today I learned that hooking my iPhone into my car stereo is a little bit trickier than I'd anticipated. (The hole in my add-on protective case where the headphone plug is doesn't seem to be wide enough to accommodate, oh, a headphone jack. Grumble.)
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