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Day Two

Not a bad day, all said. Work was work. I sampled a chocolate chip cookie from the cafe on my break and had chocolate all over my face that I didn't even notice until I got in the car and saw my reflection in the rear view mirror. Sheesh. Why didn't anybody say anything?

After work, I hitched a ride with my dad to check out the Ansel Adams exhibit at the High Museum of Art. Brilliant. His work may be the stuff of many a poster, but there is something about the fine grain of an actual print that is mesmerizing to me. The rest of the museum seemed a little lacking after immersion in genius, but I cruised the rest of the art and soaked it all in.

I have another date this weekend, if all goes well.

Duran Duran have announced tour dates! They'll be playing in Atlanta at the Tabernacle on November 21. I'm also sniffing out the possibility of seeing them in Washington DC, depending on finances and if I can get somebody to share expenses with. We'll see.