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Day Two of Unemployment: Nothing Doing

I decided what I really needed to do was get all my schlumpfing out of the way at once, so I set aside the eight hours I would normally spend at work and confined myself to bed for those hours, emerging only to refill my water glass and make tea. Each time I was hit with a thought along the lines of "ZOMG! I have to take care of that!" I would add it to a to-do list in a spiral-bound notebook. I also allowed myself to scribble in my diary. But other than that, no books, no music, no nothing, just shut up and write or shut up and sit (or, more often, lie down.)

I took a break for lunch, made a toasted ham and swiss sandwich, hopped to the Secretary of State website and set up a Limited Liability Company in my own name. (Which at least crossed one item off of the ZOMG List.) Then I went back to bed and resumed doing Nothing.

I think it says something that I didn't get seriously bored or restless until four o'clock in the afternoon.

By five-thirty my list of things cleaned out of my head stretched to three full pages and then some. I wandered out to take care of a few of them (returning a library book that had been checked out for so long it had been presumed lost, among other things) and then returned home and had some dinner.

I plan to take my little core dump and transfer it into my copy of iGTD and see if I can start using it a little more consistently. Certainly "I have to go to work now" and "I'm too burnt out from working today" have lost their currency as excuses for why things can't be taken care of.

Today I took pleasure in green tea with sugar and lots of cream.

Today I learned that a regular old lightbulb will fit just fine in my porch light sconce.