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Me and my big ol' mouth, er, keyboard

So I ran into _axiom_ at Java Monkey last night and he called me out on the entry-a-day thing. So now that I know people are actually watching, I guess I'd better live up to my grand ideas. I could backdate a few entries and make it look like I kept it up, but I'll at least try to be honest about it.

So, let's see, what's been happening. Work, work, work, work and work. They had me unpack and shelve 14 boxes of magazines one morning and I had to ask for help to finish it off. So I know something of my limits. Saturday I hooked up with Martini Guy (the owner of the lap I sat in back at DragonCon) and we went to the Michael C. Carlos Museum and looked at all the nifty fragments of pottery and naked decapitated statues and mummified dead bodies. We snagged some cheap eats at Little Five Points Pizza and rented a couple of flicks--Minority Report and a documentary about Ed Wood titled Look Back In Angora. We tried watching it at the homestead while the 'rents were out at the Shakespeare Tavern, but the TV was not speaking to the DVD player so we trundled on up to Martini Guy's neck of the woods and watched them there. Minority Report was a better movie than I expected and the Ed Wood documentary was as much a hoot as your average Ed Wood film.

Sunday I slept a lot and did the Java Monkey thing. Read a loose sketch for a story I'm trying to write.

Today was laundry day and go-to-libraries day. Also watched an MST3K DVD that I rented from Videodrome. Had to watch it on my laptop, 'cos the TV still isn't talking to the DVD player.

I'm going to bed now.


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Oct. 7th, 2003 04:54 am (UTC)
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