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So, yeah . . .

The thing about habits is that the habit of not doing something can take root in one's daily routine just as easily as the habit of doing something is. As you might have noticed, I've fallen out of the regular habit of updating this blog. Not that I have anything to hide, really, just more that I don't have much to reveal.

The job hunt continues. I have been steadily sending out resumes to open positions and to larger law firms with shiny websites that have prominent contact information. (I'll be working my way down the food chain as I go, I suppose.) I have gotten polite letters from the nicer law firms ("Your qualifications are impressive. Too bad we don't have any jobs right now. To keep you from bugging us incessantly, we'll reassure you that we keep resumes on file for a year and will let you know if something comes up.") and I've landed an interview next week for another downtown law firm thanks to the wonders of Craigslist.

I had my little date in court for the fender-bender back in March and handed in a Not Guilty plea so I can come back at the start of June and explain my side of it. I showed up about an hour early, since I didn't have much else going on that day, and made a second attempt at reading Perdido Street Station while waiting for things to happen. It was a little easier going than my first try, though even then I only made it about seventy pages in before I was too distracted to concentrate. It's a fascinating world, but not a particularly pleasant one.

I've been poking at the novel, if only to avoid writing excuse notes for my blog about it, and I'm finding many flaws in need of repair. This has the unfortunate effect of making me more reluctant to want to work on it.

My sleep cycles have shifted so I'm awake past midnight and in bed past 9:00 AM. Probably not ideal should I return to the workforce in the near future.

So, for those of you on my friends list who were wondering how I'm doing--there's your answer.

Today I took pleasure in finding a cool T-shirt in my drawer that I'd forgotten I owned.

Today I learned some fascinating things about internet activism here.


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May. 22nd, 2009 10:35 pm (UTC)
That would be groovy! Call me so we can figure out when.
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