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So, um, yeah.

So I went to my old gym 'cos they had one of those "Hey! You've won a prize! Come on down and listen to a sales pitch to collect it!" things going. Alas, it's a bit of a booby prize--a "Florida vacation" which basically means a couple of nights comped in a hotel in exchange for another sales pitch. Two nights in Daytona and two nights in Orlando. Pondering if I can find a way to at least cash in the Orlando nights along with the accumulated AirTran points on my credit card to get down there just to get the hell out of town for a bit.

So anyway. I spent the afternoon rereading my novel and I think it holds together a little better than I thought it did. There are a few points in need of heavier rewriting and I really need to fill in more descriptive details--there's way too much dialogue hanging in space. But it is coming together and I hope to have it submitted somewhere by the end of the year.

Today I took pleasure in coming across a sweet line that I'd forgotten I'd written.

Today I learned what the new boxing ring at my gym looks like.