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Day Three of the new jobbie-thingy. I seem to be doing okay so far. It helps to have a co-worker who allows me to ask questions to make sure I'm doing it right and seems to appreciate the fact that I'm willing to do so. Judging by some of the stories she's told me about my predecessors, I stand to make a huge impression by sheer competency.

It's at a law firm that specializes in business bankruptcy. I was amused to discover one of my previous employers (not the most recent one, I should add) is one of their clients. It's smack-dab in downtown Atlanta, near Woodruff Park, so I have lots of pretty old buildings to gawp at during my lunch hour. (I do wish the library wasn't so drab, though.)

I'm still gauging the ideal commute. A monthly MARTA pass is half the cost of a parking pass but it's a lot less frustrating to drive to the train station than to take the bus to it, so I'm not quite as virtuous as I could be. Still, the ride downtown gives me time to think, to write and, when I can get a signal, to catch up on Twitter.

Yes, I've finally given in and signed up for Twitter. I'm @thewonderbink on there, in case you'd like to say howdy. Might be nice to have some more people I actually know to follow and be followed by. As it is, I'm getting strange people with spammy tweets trailing after me and it's making me a touch nervous. (At least they've finally cleaned up the Block function so you no longer see the check-out-this-website creatures who were attempting to act like normal human beings and follow you in the hopes that you'll reciprocate and click on their advertising links.)

I will probably be using the holiday weekend to catch up on cleaning so I can arrive home from work in a more serene state. Not that I've been utterly frazzled, but I have a lot of open loops what that need closing now that the rather large "find a job" open loop has been closed.

The county sent me a notice that the value of my home has dropped by their measurements. This might put a cramp on refinancing, but it turned out to good news at least in the short run--since the valuation went down, so did my property taxes and, as it turns out, so did my escrow payments. Indeed, my mortgage company just cut me a check to give me some of the money back. I need it too much right now to apply it directly to the principal, as I would have done in more flush financial circumstances, but at least I can keep my payments at the same level and make a little more of a dent in the principal as I go.

My goodness, what an exciting blog post, yammering about my office job and my mortgage. I have managed to have some fun here and there, honest. I went to Corndogorama in East Atlanta and was rather underwhelmed. No bands that really grabbed me and the price of admission didn't get you much more than you could get just by hanging out on the sidewalk and overhearing everything. I chalked it up to lesson learned and went to the Plaza to see the Silver Scream Spook Show. The film that month was The Hideous Sun Demon, an MST3K-riffable film if there ever was one. (At the climax, when an obvious dummy falls to its doom from a great height, I poked the guy next to me and said "That was an unsuccessful encyclopedia salesman.") After the movie, I ended up going for a drink at the Highland Inn Ballroom, where a number of songs by That Guy Who Just Died were played at the late-night dance party.

Right. Enough ramblage. Time for bed--I have to go to work in the morning. (Wow. I have to go to work in the morning! I love being able to write that.)

Today I took pleasure in the lovely afternoon weather. (First day of July, the weather cools down. Go figure.)

Today I learned all kinds of things about how to do my job.


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Jul. 2nd, 2009 06:20 am (UTC)
I am very pleased that you have a new job. The world is full of turnovers lately. At least one of my friends has found a place to land.
Jul. 2nd, 2009 03:37 pm (UTC)
As a former manager I have to say, employees that want to do the job right and aren't afraid to ask intelligent questions to ensure that they do are wonderful. I'm glad that things seem to be picking up for you. Good luck!
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