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I have decided . . .

. . . that I will start using the term "dining room table" to describe people who are impervious to reason.

Seriously, I'm so sick of this shit. Americans are not 'divided' on health care, they're being stirred up with outright lies spread by people who stand to benefit from things being left in the fucked-up state that they already are, or people who are so determined to 'defeat' Obama that they'll take the rest of us down with them just so they can say "nyah-nyah, so much for your hope and change!"

Enough. I voted the man in because he promised health care reform and I want what I voted for.

I've phoned up the nice folks at my Congrespeeps' offices and let them know. I urge any other voting citizen on my friends list to do the same. We cannot come this far and let the shrieking nutjobs dictate the course of our nation's fate.

Today I took pleasure in waking up from a decent night's sleep for a change. Thank you, valerian root.

Today I learned some idiots still think that the public option is the same thing as a single-payer system.


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Aug. 19th, 2009 08:06 pm (UTC)
That might be the best thing I've seen all day. Go Barney Frank!
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