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"Are you dry or swimming?"

I texted that to Mr. TBH, just to make sure he was okay. (Given his neighborhood got hit pretty hard by the tornadoes that blew through previously, it seemed worth asking.)

Dry. You? was his reply.

I assured him I was dry and all was well and I figured it was worth a blog post to let the rest of the world know, too.

I've been holed up in my place for the past couple of days, venturing out to the library and the grocery store but not much farther out than that. I didn't even know about the flooding until I checked Twitter. (How I knew it was a big deal--the hashtag #atlflood was being used by spammers burbling about free grocery coupons in their tweets.)

The rain has stopped for now, the sun is back and things seem to be returning to some value of normal.

I'm getting a bit worried about my Internet surfing habits, so I'm putting a few restraints on my online activity for the duration. If I seem quieter than usual (not that I've been all that 'loud' on LJ of late) that would be why.

I finally figured out a way to take my 5-HTP without being completely incapacitated by stomach pain, so my moods are being boosted back up to functionality again.

So that's how I am, in case you wondered.

Today I took pleasure in peach-scented hand soap.

Today I learned Maker's Mark mixes with Dr. Pepper just fine.