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Fine and Dandy

Scored the current soundtrack from work out of the promo pile. It's in a notched case with the front cover ripped off, but it sounds the same and it's all about the music, innit? The CD comes with some super-duper enhancement when played on the 'puter, but I'll be exploring those later. I'm now a little bummed that I missed seeing them play when they last breezed through town but I think I was probably broke as hell at the time. Ah, well.

Speaking of seeing bands play, Duran Duran are playing The Tabernacle in November. I've signed up to get in on the presale. I'm so psyched. My favorite band in one of my favorite venues. I'm already figuring out what I'm going to wear.

Not much else to report. Worked, came home, napped, you know the drill. Spent quite some time catching up on posts at customers_suck. Dad's fixed the connection on the DSL so we can all be on at once without having to pay $10 a month for the privilege. Things seem to be moving a little faster as a result. Whoo!