January 2nd, 2008


2007 in review . . .

[First lines of the first public entries for each month . . . ]

January: So I entered the year 2007 in a state of complete sobriety.

February: Sooooo . . . hi.

March: Got cleaning done, got writing done and even picked up the guitar and attempted to play it.

April: So, Lent is over and I'm going bonkers all over the internets.

May: That is all.

June: Now I'm all pissed off again.

July: This website is eating my life!!!

August: So LJ is deleting journals again, only this time, they're actually looking at the content, applying the Miller Test and nuking the ones that flunk it.

September: . . . which meant I spent most of this evening catching up on internet stuff.

October: So.

November: Happy Guy Fawkes Day, everybody!

December: So, first off, Happy Birthday to Mr. Warren Bruce Cuccurullo.

Meanwhile, in 2008, well, it's off to a good enough start. Rocked it in with The Forty-Fives, as I mentioned before, but bailed before Gringo Star started playing because I was getting tired of being surrounded by obnoxiously drunk people. My personal New Year's Eve tradition has become to stay sober so I can actually remember midnight.

Today it's back to work and it's the start of the month, so it's time to do billing. Whee! Having made plenty of mistakes to learn from last time around, I seem to be getting the hang of it this time. (I also got a certain smug satisfaction when Boss #1 asked me "You know you're supposed to start on the billing, right?" when I was about halfway through sorting the pre-bills and I told him "I'm already working on it.")

I found my camera and snapped a picture of the froggy. I'll get it uploaded soon so y'all can see.

Today I took pleasure in bringing home groceries in a big brown bag.

Today I learned just how high I can push the top margin in WordPerfect.
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