January 8th, 2008

eddie! (by vayshedruvon)

New Moon on, um, Tuesday . . .

I'm feeling a bit restless. Craving something, but not entirely sure what it is. May be the reason I've been numbing myself with the internets.

On the plus side, I finalized the billing at work and got to go on a field trip to Fulton County Probate Court to look up a codicil to a client's will. Making the necessary copies was a bit of a challenge, though, because the start button on the copier they have there apparently only works when brutal force is applied to it.

I took my lunch hour while I was downtown, splurging on a bowl of soup at a posh Italian restaurant called Tringali's. The place had paper on the tables over the tablecloths and small glasses on each table with crayons! I was delighted, and did a little drawing while waiting for my lunch. I snapped a photo with my cell phone, but I have yet to figure out how to get photos from cell phone to computer. (I also still have to load the froggy picture up, don' t I?)

I finally got my cork board hung up next to my desk, and printed out a copy of this year's resolutions to tack to it. The opposite corner has a small Van Gogh calendar that I picked up for 50% at Borders, 'cos I bought it on New Year's Day. The rest of the space is still open, but I'm sure it will fill up over time.

And this morning, inspired perhaps by crevette's example, I got up early enough to throw on sweatpants, strap on my sneakers and go for a walk. Not a very long one, mind you, but it felt good. I want to simply get in the habit first, and then work on amping up the pace and distance. I don't really need to be losing any more weight, but a little extra endurance and increased aerobic capacity would be a good thing for me, I think. (Plus the serotonin boost to keep me off the antidepressants and the inadequate substitutes thereof.)

And here I was figuring this was going to be one of those three sentence entries. Go figure.

Today I took pleasure in scribbling on the table of an upscale restaurant. (And the soup was pretty good, too.)

Today I learned how to look up a will in Fulton County.
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