January 9th, 2008


Not much to say . . .

. . . not that such a thing ever stops most people from blogging, now does it?

Once again, work is in a bit of a tidying-things-up phase, and that same energy carried over into my home space. I decluttered a few level surfaces, including my bedside table, which felt good.

At the recommendation of one of my classmates in the meditation classes I took last month, I went to another metaphysical class at a different place this evening. Not quite what I'd hoped. Suffice to say that there are many reasons me and the new age movement still don't quite get along and let's leave it at that. I excused myself early and fled.

I'm still a bit snarly-knotted inside for some reason. Cleaning seemed to ease it a bit. Maybe I need to stop listing goals and start acting on them?

Today I took pleasure in the sight of my tidied up bedside table. All of my dumped pocket change is now sitting in a cute little piggy bank. Kawaii!

Today I learned I can make scrambled eggs, eat them and clean up everything that went into making them, all within my lunch hour and still get back to work on time.
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