January 23rd, 2008

eddie! (by vayshedruvon)

Another sneakin' entry . . .

It's the only way I seem to be able to post in my blog these days . . .

So on Thursday (last week) I went to Eyedrum for the launch party of a literary magazine. They read excerpts from the enclosed works with various performance art flourishes. It was a fun time, if a bit pretentious in spots.

Friday and Saturday night I stayed in for a change. Nobody I really wanted to see was playing and I was in a bit of a homebody mood.

Saturday we got SNOW again! The best kind of snow, too--the kind that accumulates on the grass and looks pretty, but doesn't stick to the streets and muck things up. I spent the morning watching the snow fall and was still able to run my Saturday errands without any trouble.

Sunday afternoon I went to an odd sort of class reunion of the Cool Job I Used To Have. My older brother (docwhoopee) worked for a long stretch at a software company and thanks to him, I did a brief time as a technical writer for them, back when they were flush with IPO money. Unfortunately, the stock got caught in the dot-com implosion, the company got bought and I got downsized out of it. My brother stayed, but just recently jumped ship to another company. Still, having been there for over ten years, he keeps in touch with many of the people who came and went and he organized a get together at a sports bar for a revival, of sorts, of an annual event they used to have. I only saw a few faces that were familiar to me, since my time there was so brief, but we all shared our survivor's stories, having, I think, all departed at different points for different reasons.

Monday, Tuesday, back to the grind, la la la. Last evening I tried something that I hope I can sustain--devoting a minimum of fifteen minutes to each of my 2008 goals. I even bashed out a scene in my novel, which felt great. I just hope I can keep it going, or, at least, not beat myself up to the point that I stop completely should I falter for a day.

Today (so far) I took pleasure in mmmmmm...coffee.

Today I learned the optimal number of stamps to send something Priority Mail. (Ten forty-one cent stamps and three seventeen cent stamps, in case you wondered.)