February 18th, 2008

eddie! (by vayshedruvon)

A quick remark about the creative process . . .

. . . my creative process, at any rate.

So I'm here at Java Monkey, rewriting the novel. Since several crucial scenes in the novel take place at Java Monkey, I figured it made sense to work on it here.

The main character's love interest was a bit of a blank when I was writing about him back in 2006. When I added to the work in 2007, I learned more about him. Now I'm rewriting his dialogue so it's more in line with who he turned out to be.

He went from exclaiming "Wow!" to exclaiming "Holy shit!"

I like him a lot more this time around.

Back to work.

Today I took pleasure in the chai they have here . . . spicy and sweet.

Today I learned that the WiFi at Java Monkey is delightfully easy to access.
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