March 5th, 2008


Happy Birthday Mom!

I had to at least get that in there before I went to bed.

Yesterday I went to see the person who handled my group therapy sessions and caught her up on what I'd been up to. She did indeed notice quite a difference and was very glad to see that I was doing so well. I'll be getting a letter from her in a few days and then passing it on to the insurance company.

While I was there, at her office there were a few boxes full of books labeled "FREE BOOKS!" I ganked an Andy Warhol art book, a Calvin and Hobbes collection, a book of poems by Edgar Allen Poe and a pocket edition of Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke. What these books were doing in an office shared by various practitioners of psychotherapy was quite beyond me, but okay. Free books, people. I'm only a few pages into the Rilke book and I'm in love with it already.

At work, I managed to get the monthly billing done in two days, in between everything else they threw at me. So there.

Oh, and I finally did touch base with Mr. TBH about our shared project. As it turned out, his internets are broken, so after about four hours of text and phone tag, I finally got him on the line and hashed things out with him. As I suspected, he's going through A Bit Of A Rough Time right now, but I pointed out that my friend Lake is going through just as many calamities and she at least keeps in touch with me on a regular basis. He seems to have gotten the point.

Going to bed now, methinks.

Today I took pleasure in a second glass of wine, because I could.

Today I learned Eddie Izzard is touring! Two shows in Atlanta! *flail!* (Yes, I just bought mine, thanks.)
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