March 21st, 2008

nick (by wych)

Hello, I am alive . . .

I am here, I am badged, I need food.

Typing this on a cranky but free to use machine. Don't expect much from me. Just wanted everybody to know that I arrived safely.
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makeawish (by piperredfern)

Another quick hello . . .

Well, the WiFi at the hotel I'm staying at charges by the hour, but the WiFi at the hotel where the convention is turns out to be free, so I'll be a little more in touch than I expected.

The bad news is, my adaptor needs another adaptor to fit in the plugs in the Internet room, so I'll only be around for short notes so I don't run the battery down . . .
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makeawish (by piperredfern)

I just met Tanith Lee . . .

. . . and I shook her hand. And I bawled my eyes out while I tried to articulate how much her work has meant to me.

She seemed genuinely surprised that someone would come all the way just to meet her. And she seemed quite honored, and said as much.

So, um, yeah. I met Tanith Lee. She apologized for being merely human. I assured her it wasn't a problem.

I'm still in a bit of a state about it, so I'm going to go off in a corner for a bit and, um, recover.

Today I took pleasure in meeting one of my literary heroes and having her tell me she's looking forward to reading my book when it's published.

Today I learned what Tanith Lee is like in person.
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