April 30th, 2008

makeawish (by piperredfern)

Back in Black

So one of the reasons I haven't spent much quality time with the internets is because of my little intricate system of time tracking left me ridiculously in debt, if you will, so I was keeping muck-about time to a minimum and attempting to kick my ass into working on various projects to rebalance the time spent. I got it down to zero a couple of time and then slipped right back into the red. (Reading my friends page, mostly, damn you all for writing so much and so well.)

I have been trying to nudge forward things on the business with Lake, but she's having to deal with things like a tree that just fell on her house, so we've been having a little trouble getting in touch. I spent a Saturday attending a class on contracts that will be very helpful with what we're trying to pull off.

Novel is stalled. Still no Orbital write-up. I suck and I'm sorry.

Did manage to get the hell out of the house a couple of times. Friday night, I went to Vinyl to see The Julia Dream and The Pinx. Ran into Mr. jimmyether and we both shared our mutual frustration at missing superactiongo's show at Eddie's Attic that same night. (Sorry, Paul, but two bands v. one twenty minute set . . . I can only be in one place at a time, alas.) Ran into another scenester whose name eludes me but who let me know that The Lizardmen were playing a gig at the Highland Inn Ballroom on Saturday night.

The Highland Inn had a Ballroom? Who knew? As it turns out, it's been there since the twenties, but I get the impression it's only recently reopened. The floors are cracked in spots, but still have a certain antique charm that would make replacement a shame. The bar appears new, but looks great. The event was some kind of Psychedelic Freakout thingy, with chicks in Mod dresses, oil drop patterns projected on the walls and DJs spinning tunage from the era. The Lizardmen played a short but fun set and I vanished into the night soon after they finished.

Did a little cleaning around the house and feel a little better for having done it. I have three bags of shoes retrieved from my parents' house that I still have to figure out what the heck to do with.

Billing starts tomorrow at work. Think I should turn in so I'll be well-rested to tackle that.

Today I took pleasure in seeing my reflection in a newly-cleaned mirror.

Today I learned a new way to undo a save-over oops at work.
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