May 22nd, 2008

eddie! (by vayshedruvon)

How To Have A Ridiculously Good Time And Only Spend One Dollar Doing It . . .

Step One: Swipe the following things from your office that aren't being used anyway--

1. Four cheesy personal injury law firm advertising magnets that are found stuck to the front of the yellow pages.

2. One stack of Priority Mail stick-on labels that are, weirdly enough, the exact width of the cheesy advertising magnets.

3. One carpet blade. (Please don't ask me what a law firm is doing with a box of carpet blades; I just found them on the supply shelves and didn't ask.)

4. One outdated issue of the Time Magazine Style and Design Supplement.

5. Two pieces of cardboard that came with a new pack of pages for a binder on Federal Taxation of S-Corporations.

Step Two: Go to the dollar store and buy a package of glue sticks. For one dollar.

Step Three: Go home and gather the cheesy advertising magnets that have been quietly accumulating on your fridge because you can't bear to throw them away.

Step Four: Dig up that copy of the High Museum magazine that was on its way to the recycle bin and fish a few misprinted pages of your manuscript out of the bag o' recyclables as well.

Step Five: Find your scissors.

Step Six: Cover the magnets with the Priority Mail stickers so the glue will go on more easily.

Step Seven: Slice the magazine pages that have pictures and patterns of interest to fit the magnets. (This, by the way, is what the cardboard is for, so you have something to bear down on with the carpet blade.)

Step Eight: Gluestick the hell out of the magnets and apply the magazine selections. Trim to fit with scissors, as necessary. Press down with the manuscript pages to minimize fingerprints.

Step Nine: Completely lose track of time.

Step Ten: Redecorate your fridge with your new art magnets.

Whew! Have to go clean up now.

Today I took pleasure in the smell of Dr. Bronner's almond soap.

Today I learned that junk fax perpetrators can be held liable in class action lawsuits against them.
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