June 14th, 2008


Iz Mah Birfday!

I'm at a weird sort of lull on my birthday. I decided the easiest way to have a housewarming party was to make it a twelve-hour open house so people could drop in and depart as schedules permitted. So far, I've had visits from my parents, froofie and big bro docwhoopee and his wife.

Seven hours left. I'm guessing most of the guest list will show up in the evening if they're able, and that's fine. Means I have time to take a nap, which I think I'm going to go do now.

Today I took pleasure in doing the last bit of tidying and sweeping while cranking David Bowie full blast.

Today I learned the best way to trim a basil plant to keep it from becoming huge and unwieldy.
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