July 7th, 2008


Happy Birthday, Mr. P!

Happy Birthday, to my little brother Patrick!

(No, he doesn't have a blog, just a website in limbo, but you work with what you have.)

Despite what some people assume, Patrick is, in fact, my younger brother, and while I suppose I'm at an age where I should feel flattered that people think he's older than I am, sibling rivalries die hard.

I talked to him on the phone this evening and we caught up for a bit. Things are about same-old same-old for him, but it's not a bad little same-old. He works for the army, doing scientific research and has a nice little house in Huntsville that's not too far from his job. He has a lovely wife and an adorable daughter who is just reaching what he calls the "fun age".

I am now in need of bedtime, but wanted to get that in before I slept.

Today I took pleasure in flourless chocolate cake from Trader Joe's.

Today I learned fruit syrup can, in fact, be found at Whole Foods, but not for cheap.
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