August 4th, 2008


A Few Random Thoughts Strung Together Into A Blog Entry

The 20th Reunion was fine. notgruntled came up to me and said he was this close to commenting on my entry and saying "Funny, I'm on my way to my 20th high school reunion as well!" I told him he should have done it. It was odd how apologetic some people seemed to be about having stable jobs and families.

The good news is, the inbox on my desk is completely empty. The bad news is, my floor is a mess.

I got a course catalog from the Emory Center for Lifelong Learning today. I wondered how the heck they managed to track me down. Then I noticed it was addressed to "Resident."

I'm still making my way through my CD collection in alphabetical order. I'm on Duran Duran now. I'll probably be there for a while.

Today I took pleasure in watering my tomatoes and plucking a ripe one off the vine.

Today I learned I'd nearly gone and paid my power bill twice.
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    Duran Duran, "Burning the Ground"