October 1st, 2008


October Challenge: Day 1

Hello October! I decided that with this shiny new month I would attempt to do at least one entry per day and see if I can actually pull it off.

Things are crazy enough that the entries may not be very long ones--ironic how the more there is going on, the less time I have to write about it to the world.

I've been spending the past several days walking a lot. Fortunately, the weather has cooled enough that I can do so without sweating out all my bodily fluid content. Unfortunately, the reason I've been walking so much is that gasoline supplies in the Southeastern United States have been suffering the aftereffects of Hurricane Ike. Gas station after gas station has been reduced to blank signage on the pricing and plastic bags over the gas pumps as a hint that We Are Out Of Sweet Rolls Gasoline. The few stations that have gasoline had lines out into the street all weekend.

Mom called on Saturday and suggested I find a nice local church to do my Catholic business at. I found one some three miles from my home and decided to walk there on Sunday morning. Since the walk to the church was along Mount Paran Road, I passed by a number of newly-built (or in some cases, still being built) mansions for Atlanta's well-to-do. It's sort of odd to me to see new construction that tries to emulate manor houses of times past. I remarked to my parents later that the church itself was the cathedral equivalent--an attempt to emulate older buildings with old-school stained glass windows, carvings and statuary, but without the sense of time and presence that such places actually have. (The beige walls didn't really help, either.)

I did go to the parentals for Sunday dinner, and docwhoopee rode to the rescue with three large gas cans in the back of his truck. My mom got her van's gas tank refilled, and my Saturn got the leftovers. If I'm parsimonious, it should tide me over until mid-October, when regular service is supposed to resume.

I am blessed with a short commute, which is great, and for added challenge, I've been doing things like packing lunch and going to the park across the street or walking the mile-or-so to the bank to deposit my paycheck and indulging myself at the fast-food place while I'm there.

The business venture I've been getting into with Lake is closer to fruition. The economic bad news is actually good news for what we're trying to do. I'm still going to continue to speak of it in veiled terms until we have something to show for it.

I'm in one of those cleany-sorty-purgy moods of late. (You could blame it on Mercury, if you like.) Matter of fact, I have to go fold some towels now.

Today I took pleasure in a roast beef sandwich with provolone and spinach.

Today I learned what the park across the street from where I work is like.
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