October 6th, 2008

thefuck (by lannacht)

October Challenge, Day 6--So, what happened to 3, 4 and 5?

Well, the problem is, when you wind up staying up past midnight and then going "oh, crap, I forgot to write an entry!" it kinda puts a crimp in your plans.

I suppose I could have cheated and backdated a bit, but I didn't.

I didn't even stay out doing anything exciting, either. Well, excitement being a relative term, I suppose. I wound up writing a scene from my novel from a different character's point of view which has kick-started another round of rewriting and given me some fascinating new questions to answer. I even wound up rewriting parts of the scene the alternate take was reflecting to match what ended up happening there (dialogue mostly--as I got a better feel for this character's thought processes, I came to lines he was supposed to say and thought "no, he wouldn't say it that way.") Now I'm mentally going over entire scenes that I want to overhaul completely.

I may go into more detail on the writerly blog. Anyway, that's pretty much how I spent my weekend.

Today at work was playing run-to-catch-up after billing (which still isn't finished, because there's one last bill that Boss #1 hasn't given the final okay on yet) and this convoluted project involving stock transactions for a small corporation. Then it was downtown to check out one of the public planning meetings for the BeltLine, an ambitious redevelopment project for Atlanta that that my friend Lake has been studying the progress of for some time, as it ties into our plans for our business. (Weirdly enough, Boss #2 also showed up--we just waved to each other but didn't say anything.) All I'm going to say is that if they manage to pull it off, it should be pretty amazing, if the NIMBYs don't sink it.

Heading towards bed now.

Today I took pleasure in tinkering with my novel on my lunch hour.

Today I learned where the McRae Auditorium at Piedmont Hospital is.
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