October 27th, 2008

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October Challenge, Day 27--I Choose Hope Over Fear

So phase two of early voting started today in Georgia, so I went to the North Fulton Service Center and got it the hell over with!

(The title of this entry should be a hint as to which way I voted. There's no talking me out of it at this point, now is there?)

The line snaked down and back up a maze of corridors and it took me about an hour and a half to actually get to the room where the voting booths were. From there, about fifteen minutes to get my ballot and cast my vote. ("The line for the iPhone was less than this!" the guy just behind me in line remarked.) The crowd was in pretty good spirits, though, all told.

And I had a warm fuzzy glow all the way home like I usually do when I perform my civic duty. It's weird--I like voting. I like the idea that I get to vote on behalf of all the women before me who weren't allowed to. I like the idea of doing my little part as a citizen of this nation.

And I like it even more now that I'm done with it and can just watch the rest of the election roll on!

Oh, and today is the fiftieth birthday of some dude I had a big swoony crush on when I was a teenager. Good on him for making it this far without getting himself killed.

Today I took pleasure in the enormous sigh of relief as I stumbled to my car at seven-thirty in the evening.

Today I learned what the process of early voting is like.
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