November 1st, 2008

makeawish (by piperredfern)

4,500 down, 45,500 to go . . .

Halloween was so utterly insane at work (not that the season had anything to do with it--just loads of OMG THIS MUST BE DONE NOW stuff landing on my desk) that I was too burnt out to do much for most of Saturday morning. Eventually, however, I did recover and I came up with another odd little motivational system to nudge me forward as I embark once more on National Novel Writing Month. I used a sheet of graph paper, calculated the grid I could make with it, and now have it set up so I check off a little box every twenty-five words. A full row of forty adds up to one thousand, and fifty rows of that adds up to fifty thousand. (Fits perfectly on the graph paper, by the way.) Twenty-five is actually a good number for when you're feeling stuck, because you can tell yourself, hey, just twenty five more words and you can tick off another box. And, of course, word count being what it is, sometimes it's less than twenty-five words to get to the next increment. Best of all, by the time you've written those few words, you wind up catalyzing a whole new string of words and next thing you know, you've come up for air and added a couple hundred more words to your wordcount.

So, what's it about? Weirdly enough, it's a sequel to the very first NaNo that I wrote and completed. I guess it took something like the two years of writing a completely different novel for the ideas to ferment enough for me to try and tap them again. I had a few other notions, but this one went off like a house on fire the moment I started contemplating it. It is utterly, utterly self-indulgent Suefic. And I don't care. I'm having a blast writing it. I just know better than to inflict the results on anybody else.

I made myself a pot of split pea soup with ham and did the bulk of today's wordcount in between stirring the pot periodically. One day, I may actually make a batch of split pea soup that doesn't involve a lot of burnt gunk at the bottom of the pot. Today, it was not to be. Soup came out fine, though, and the weather is getting cold enough that it's the optimal time for it.

I'm going to set my clocks back an hour and go to bed now, I think.

Today I took pleasure in writing, writing and more writing.

Today I learned the 'official' wordcount function on doesn't seem to be working just yet. (I've been resorting to Word to tell me how far I've come.)