November 30th, 2008


"Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish"

Those were the five words I inserted into my NaNoWriMo manuscript in order to nudge it up to exactly 50,000 words.

I wound the thing up to something resembling an ending ("Same to you and more of it, buddy.") and the wordcount feature on Word assured me that I had exactly 50,000 words.

MS Word LIES. When I cut and pasted the result into the Magic NaNo Wordcount, I was told I'd hit 49,911 words. Argh.

So I backed up and added a bit of description and detail to some scenes that were hastily plowed past and a few dialogue markers to indicate who was saying what and when it told me I was up to 49,995 words, I added the five magic words to a certain character's dialogue (it's exactly the sort of thing he'd say, too) and now I have a spiffy .pdf certificate to show for my efforts.

If I hadn't had the Thanksgiving weekend to pull my fat out of the fire, I simply would not have made it. Thanksgiving was mostly sleep and wordcount (with, ya know, a pause to have dinner with the family, including my younger brother and his wife and daughter, which was a pleasant surprise.) Friday and Saturday were simply spent pounding out wordage so by Sunday I had 4,000 words to go. And I've gone and done them.

It is utterly self-indulgent Mary Sue crap, and it was tremendous fun to write. I think I would wither in embarrassment if anybody were to read it from beginning to end, but there are a few lines that I found amusing, so, as sort of metaquotes from a locked entry, I present them to you.

I know better than to stand between a woman and her cravings.

Something in the look he gives me indicates that this pause is where the stoner who's been following along would suddenly grasp that there might have been a touch of sarcasm in his tone.

Hunger and nausea are having a cage match in my stomach right now.

Who knew the difference between God and Satan could be as simple as facial hair?

So that's the secret to your self-confidence. Mental potatoes.

Today I took pleasure in finishing my novel!

Today I learned what this year's NaNoWriMo winner's certificate looks like.
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