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January 16th, 2013

Some Things I Should Probably Mention

I lost my job a week ago. Please don't be distressed on my behalf--things were at a point where I was more relieved than gutted. (As I put it to my parents, I was rather hoping that particular chapter of my life wouldn't be guest-written by Franz Kafka, but no such luck.) Within about six hours of having the boom lowered on me I'd landed an interview at the law firm where Lawyer Awesome moved to. If you want to send any prayers or pozzies in my direction, send them towards me landing that gig because it would be the sweetest possible revenge.

I should hear back by the end of the week, so in the meantime I'm putting my house in order and filing for unemployment, just in case. But I can't escape the sense that this week of freedom may be all I'll get before I'm back at a desk, so I'm making the most of it.

Today I took pleasure in a second cup of tea.

Today I learned a cheap way to get rid of fruit flies.


The polite letter arrived today, thanking me for coming in and informing me that another candidate has been selected.


Back to the drawing board, then.