March 17th, 2013


Trampled, but still breathing...

So. Hi. How's it going?

Me? Still unemployed, but I've got an interview lined up this week at a place I thought I'd completely blown it at, so that's encouraging. In the meantime, I've been nudging myself forward on this paranormal romance novel thingy I've been working on and went through a binge of reorganizing while I still have the time. It's much, much easier to find the oatmeal in the kitchen now.

I'm still cycling between Precariously Close to Happy and Absolute Pit of Despair. My thought processes seem to be that if I give in to contentment, I'll lose all motivation to look for gainful employment or other sources of income, and horrible things will happen when the money runs out. So I trap myself in a state of sustained misery to 'motivate' me to find a proper job.

Writing it out like that, it does occur to me that this is kind of a crap strategy for living.

On the plus side, I have been writing and I've even reserved my most productive hours of the day for that and consign job hunting to a daily chore that I get to after I've put in my two hours of novelizing, along with drawing flowers and practicing guitar.

I'm going to try and be better about posting here on more of a regular basis, but I wanted to at least start with a quick reminder that I still exist and stuff. And how have YOU been?

Today I took pleasure in oatmeal for breakfast.

Today I learned what "respectability politics" is.