July 31st, 2013


"I'm home, lost my job and incurably ill…"

(Don't freak out, folks, I'm just quoting David Bowie in the subject line.)

So. Yeah. I lost my job because of Reasons (which will not be discussed in public) but I figured there might be folks outside of my tight circle of Certain LiveJournal Friends who might want to know what I've been up to.

I've been using my freed up time to poke at various projects that were left languishing. I spent a chunk of time updating, tinkering with, breaking and eventually fixing Wonderbink.com. I've been drawing more flowers for my Ten Thousand Flowers Project and easing my way back into working on my current novel-in-progress. I've even gotten back into Second Life again (but I have a whole other LJ for that.)

I've been granted the grace of time to figure out where I truly want to go from here. I have enough cash in the bank to keep me going for a bit, so I'm spared the pressure that others might feel in the same situation.

I bought some new pens to write in my diary with. I should put them to use.

Today I took pleasure in cool rainy weather.

Today I learned that the CVS around the corner doesn't sell unlined index cards.