August 6th, 2013


New Moon on, erm, Tuesday

So, in the wake of the incident that we shall hereinafter refer to as The Unpleasantness, I've been taking advantage of my newly-freed time to do things like an archeological dig through the accumulated stacks of paper in my designated inbox, the re-folding and re-organizing my T-shirts in alphabetical order and taking a pair of suede shoes I picked up for free in a swap meet and dying them black because the original color was a shade of pale aqua that I have no interest in. (Any of you who recall what my place looked like before I painted the pastels away on my walls might recognize the shade as what the bedroom used to look like.) It's taking more than one coat to eliminate the aqua but they should be complete and dry by DragonCon, I hope.

Speaking of things I hope to have finished by DragonCon, I still have it in my head that I want to finish a workable draft of The Two Kinds of Magic by then. So what did I do last night? Pour out an entire longhand scene for AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT BOOK. Seriously, subconscious, why you gotta do that to me? However, I did, on one of my long walks, figure out something about the hero's past which I think will help the love story portion of the program. (The plot is fairly sound, but the love story is a bit shaky, which I think is one of the blocks I have on proceeding.)

I've been getting out a bit more here and there--saw Megan Jean and the KFB at 529 and 1964-The Tribute at Variety Playhouse over the past weekend. This coming weekend, Joel Hodgson of MST3K fame is making two special appearances at the Plaza and you bet yer sweet ass I'm going to both of 'em.

I'm seized by a lot of restless energy that makes it hard to sit still and work on one thing for long stretches, so I'm working on a lot of little things in short stretches. I think I'm going to go and dab suede dye on some shoes now.

Today I took pleasure in slightly melty ice cream.

Today I learned the MARTA app now shows the approximate locations of buses on their routes as they travel.