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Crazy tiems . . .

So, first off, the job interview the other day went fine. I will say that I was really glad that the interview was set for Tuesday instead of Monday, because it gave me a full day to recover from the weekend.

I figured Friday night would be pretty straightforward--I went to see Cineprov! do the first of their annual "Ruining Childhood Memories" show, whereby they riff on Christmas specials. (I suppose I should put some kind of adjective to modify "Christmas specials" like "classic" or "beloved" but the first item on the menu was The He-Man She-Ra Christmas Special, so both of those are pretty much out.)

On the way there, I saw guys in yellow vests waving flashlights and thought little of it, at least until I got to the usual parking lot and there's a guy in a yellow vest with a flashlight telling me where I can park and charging me three bucks for the privilege. I paid, with much grumbling, and made my way to the lot across the street. I tried to go in the front door and found it barred with a sign instructing me to go around. I headed for the back door and somebody at the entrance asked me if I had a wristband. "Wristband?" I shrieked, "What the FUCK?"

I finally got inside and got to the theater. Larry from Cineprov! explained that some kind of breakdancing competition was going on (I sorta figured it didn't look like the usual improv theater crowd.) One of the improv folks (don't think I got her name) remarked that she was surprised to discover that the word "dope" is a good thing again. They took on the aforementioned helping of 80s animation cheese and also tackled a Rankin-Bass production from 1970 called Santa Claus is Coming to Town (which, I have to admit, was kind of endearing even as it was being riffed to bits.)

I contemplated just going straight home afterwards, but decided instead to go to the Highland Inn Ballroom to see the Electric Cycles, a 60s-style garage band that has grown on me over time. I figured if I got too tired, that particular venue has couches for me to slouch on and listen from.

So when I went to the bar to get a refill of water (I've cut my alcohol budget to zero for the duration, in part to motivate me to get my income back to sustainable levels) I saw this guy who looked kind of vaguely familiar and I went up to him and apparently I looked kind of vaguely familiar to him as well, so we played the Where Do I Know You From Game for a bit and then just wound up talking about this and that. When he mentioned he grew up in the area, I suggested that's maybe where I know him from. Then he figured it out.

"New Year's Eve, 2003," he said, "Clermont Lounge."

This is what I looked like at the time so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised it look him a little to figure it out. I remember him as the cute guy with the striped trousers who I wandered off with a little after midnight and never heard from again. As it turned out, he was living in Florida at the time but had just recently moved back up.

I whispered my email address in his ear in case he didn't want to wait another six years to cross paths with me. (Haven't heard from him, but I can't say it matters that much.)

That was Friday. Saturday, I made art so I'd have something to show people at Lake's art party. I've already talked a bit about that. At any rate, I had a fantabulous time that didn't wind down until about two o'clock in the morning and even then it took a bit for me to get home since I had to get the pit bull off of my lap and then try to make my way to my condo while peering through a badly-scraped windshield that had frosted over in the dead of night.

Sunday, I transcribed the two word art pieces so I could read one of them at Java Monkey. I held them up to the audience and asked "which one do you want to hear?" The words themselves, read aloud, seemed to go over pretty well but then again this crowd is used to me spouting random stuff that I just wrote down that evening. I went to the usual postgame drinking session at Brick Store Pub with some of the poets and again didn't get home until very, very late.

Monday was pretty much spent in my pajamas.

Tuesday was the job interview. I seem to be what they're looking for, so we'll see if I beat out the other five people they're talking to. If I get it, nifty, if I don't get it, I'll keep looking. And making art. I went down to Little Five Points to see if I could get some cash for some old clothes of mine (answer: no) and swung by the parents' house to grab a pile of straightedges and drafting templates that my dad didn't need anymore but I figured I could make use of. I also made a stop at Staples and invested in a paper cutter, which I suspect I'll be getting quite a bit of use out of.

Wednesday I got so wrapped up in the artwork I was working on that the power went out in the middle of the afternoon and I didn't even notice until I got up to refill my water glass. I just shrugged and kept working. (It was a sunny day outside; I had a lot of light to work with.) When the power did return, I hopped on the Internet long enough to say "Yeaye! I have power again!" and then went back to artwork. I cranked out two more pieces to fill in lonely neglected picture frames and then saw on Facebook that they're doing jazz on Wednesday nights at the Glenwood, so I decided to pack up my art supplies and trundle down there to see if I can work out in the world. (Answer: yes!)

Today I tackled one particular idea that I'll be talking more of later. All I will say at this point is that I'm really proud of the result. I also rolled up ten dollars worth of quarters and bought a bunch of picture frames from Goodwill, so I should have plenty to keep myself amused with in my efforts to fill these frames.

Which, if you don't mind, I think I'm going to go off and try to do now.

Today I took pleasure in the look of the finished product in the work I created today.

Today I learned that one of the pictures I have of Caroline will indeed fit in one of the neglected picture frames. (It's okay, I moved the art to one of the Goodwill frames.)
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