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Happy 2010!

So, I ended 2009 on a good note and started 2010 on a good one as well.

According to my diary and LJ, I spent the first day of 2009 in bed and sick. It seemed to set the tone for the year, in an odd way--stuck at home, trying to heal and realizing the process can't be easily hastened.

Today I changed my sheets, made art, did another bloggy posty thing (here) and did a huge load of delicate cycle laundry that reacquainted me with clothing items I'd nearly forgotten I owned. So one can hope that this will be a good omen for the coming year.

On the downside, I seem to have blown out a tire on the way home from the New Year's Eve Party Of Significant Awesomeness that I went to (Kenny Howes playing a gig in Lee Flier's basement is always a good time) and I'd forgotten about it by morning but definitely remembered by evening. I'll get it taken care of tomorrow. I tried running the errands I had planned on foot (it helps to have large chain stores in walking distance) but I got all the way there before I realized I'd forgotten my wallet and decided to just take care of it all tomorrow. I ordered pizza and I think I can survive a Friday evening at home for once.

I think it's pajama time.

Today I took pleasure in my silver vine shirt looking better than it has in a while.

Today I learned the Taco Mac at the Prado has opened for business.