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So I decided to indulge myself today and spent a lot of time in a dark room. I went to my local multiplex and took in two films--Avatar and Sherlock Holmes.

The theater I picked (because it was nearby) had a sign in the window explaining that you would not be getting your fabulous digital 3-D experience there, but it wasn't enough of a big deal for me to change plans and drive to another theater. In the end, I don't think 3-D would have been a sufficient enhancement--the characters were so flat that even the glasses wouldn't have given them any additional depth to speak of. Apparently all the creativity went into the flora and fauna and none into the story. I'd gone in expecting that but hadn't realized how painfully cliche it was going to be.

It was indeed pretty and the battles were exciting and I even got a bit teary at the big climax, like I was supposed to. But the bad guys were so mustache-twirlingly evil that I had a hard time believing them as a credible threat because they were so obviously set up to be knocked down without the audience feeling bad for them. Others have remarked in more detail how the plot is a standard issue white guilt redemption fantasy, a sort of do-over on past mistreatment of aboriginal peoples where the natives win and the Nice White People get to help. It strikes me as particularly unlikely that so far in the future we would actually regress to the mindset of the previous century instead of progressing as we, however slowly and falteringly, have been doing. Corporations that are willing to slaughter native populations for mineral wealth would have to worry about more than "bad publicity"--they'd have to deal with a plummeting stock price when their shareholders divested in horror and the government started to investigate. But, then, I'm assuming actual human beings here instead of James Cameron characters, so never mind. The whole film was a didactic club to the head that failed to hit because human beings don't act that way in real life.

So, once I stumbled out of the theater I promptly got back in line and got another ticket, this time to see Sherlock Holmes again. It was quite the contrast. Funny how Avatar annoyed me because I knew what was going to happen, even though I'd never seen it before, whereas I knew what was going to happen in Sherlock Holmes because I had seen it before and I was still wildly entertained. (Granted, it probably helped that it was a mystery and therefore it's fun to see it the second time and pick up the clues now that you know what to look for.) I think what I loved about Sherlock Holmes is what it had that Avatar didn't--characters who came across as people rather than object lessons. (As well as Robert Downey Jr. without a shirt on, which is, I've come to realize, an awfully good thing to have in a movie.)

Meanwhile, in real life, I've mostly been in a stay-at-home housecleany kind of mood, which could maybe be blamed on Mercury Retrograde but could just as likely be blamed on the fact that it's so freaking cold outside I don't want to go outside any more than I absolutely have to. I think Thursday's snow has finally finished melting off of my patio furniture as of today. Saturday I went to Laurel's First Christmas Party of the Year (I complimented her and her husband Joey on how well the decorations went--snow and everything!) and then headed all the way down to the EARL to see the first anniversary show for Blair Crimmins and the Hookers, who were in fine form. I mentioned to Blair that I'd dropped a couple of bucks in the cash bucket at the merch table to pay him back for the tracks of his I'd emailed to docwhoopee. He told me it was probably the first time he'd gotten anything resembling royalties on his songs.

Thanks to President Obama, I have a couple more months of unemployment insurance to survive on while I continue to job seek. I may wind up back in retail just to keep my hand in while I work on launching my art career in this strange new age. I've sent off my paperwork to reserve a spot in the Chattacon art show. Now all I have to do is write the pieces. (I have the shapes sketched out, I just need to fill in the words.)

That's about where I am right now. Which isn't all that bad a place to be.

Today I took pleasure in seeing Sherlock Holmes again.

Today I learned what movie theater pizza is like. (Nothing brilliant, but even less-than-brilliant pizza is still pretty good.)


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Jan. 13th, 2010 05:32 am (UTC)

"(As well as Robert Downey Jr. without a shirt on, which is, I've come to realize, an awfully good thing to have in a movie.)"

So is him without a shirt on, without pants on, and chained to a bed.

Who knew.
Jan. 13th, 2010 02:47 pm (UTC)
Re: Heh
My favorite scene of the movie. :)
Jan. 17th, 2010 07:07 pm (UTC)
Re: Heh
"Under this pillow lays the key to my freedom"

Feel free to grab Icon if you want it.

Edited at 2010-01-17 07:16 pm (UTC)
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