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Well, the art show went about as well as it could, given the snowstorm that hit that very weekend. Even with the snow, I managed to sell my very first piece on Friday night. Granted, it was the cheapest piece on the table aside from the magnets, but it was, nevertheless, exchanged for cash and thus marked another first in my fledgling art career.

I sold a magnet on Saturday. That was about it.

"How have you been?" isn't an easy question to answer of late, to be honest. One moment, I'm on the top of the world and feel like things are falling into place. The next, I'm feeling broken and useless and wonder who the hell I'm kidding. It's one of the reasons I haven't updated my journal lately--the times I've had available to do so have been during the "broken and useless" portions of the program and I really didn't feel like dumping my crap all over everybody's friends list. Been writing a lot more in my paper journal, though.

My heat pump, according to the downstairs neighbor lady, was covered in a layer of ice and I should probably have somebody have a look at it. So I'm waiting for a call somewhere between now and noon to let me know the guy is on his way and I'm doing things like laundry and writing and making art while I'm waiting. Figured I'd get an update in here while I'm at it.

I've convinced somebody to come down from suburbia and see The Room with me tonight. She has no idea what she's in for. Muahahahahahahaha!

Today I took pleasure in words fitting perfectly in the designated space.

Today I learned the Dalai Lama is on Twitter now. For realz.