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I'm Going to Alabama!

Seale, Alabama, to be precise (a bit across the border from Columbus, Georgia.) Why would I go and do a silly thing like that? Because the Doo-Nanny is this weekend and I decided (a) it sounds like fun and (b) I might even be able to sell some art there. One of the artists at the Upper West Side Folk Art Market, a guy named Chris Hubbard, told me about it and when I mentioned it to my family the next thing I know my parents are assuring me I can use the folding table again and docwhoopee is offering to loan me his tent.

So I'm going. Today's agenda includes laundry, packing and at least getting a few more magnets cranked out, because I suspect I'll be selling those the most.

The response to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act being signed into law by President Obama has been amusing to me. Conservatives are shrieking "This is the END!" while liberals are sighing "It's a beginning." I, for one, will be glad just to get rid of the hassle of "pre-existing conditions" when shopping for health insurance.

Oh, and I made more Word Art. Check it out.

Today I took pleasure in having a quick chat on Facebook with an old friend.

Today I learned that tr.im won't take URLs via their website anymore. Weh!