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Pitched my tent on the shore of a lake that was quite a bit higher than its usual boundaries.

Sold one framed artwork and two magnets.

Bought a pair of red Converse high-tops for two bucks at the Possum Trot auction.

Sold one of my artworks for six bucks at same.

Thought I'd lost my hat. (Turned out, it was in the tent the whole time.)

Definitely lost my flashlight. (I'd just bought it at Target and it was kind of crap anyway.)

Sat on a couch and looked up at the moon next to a cute drummer who looked a little bit like Johnny Depp.

Met all kinds of nice folks who had come from as far away as New York just to be there.

Made a piece of Word Art just so it could be burned in a massive bonfire.

Witnessed said massive bonfire.

Showed up for Palm Sunday Mass a half an hour late when I thought I was a half and hour early because Phenix City, Alabama apparently operates on Eastern Time, being practically a suburb of Columbus, Georgia.

Woke up curled up at the bottom of my sleeping bag because it was so cold outside.

Resolved to bring the following things the next time I go: a pillow, an air mattress, some kind of colorful costume for Friday night and a flask of something sippable and strong.

I was going to spend the day in bed recovering, but instead I spent the day burrowing through back entries on the Wonderbink blog to make the transcripts more readable and the art more easily purchasable. I'm going to attempt to resume an artwork-a-day schedule starting tomorrow. I've even gone and set up an LJ syndicated feed, so folks reading here can add it to their Friends List without too much trouble. Should be at wonderbink_feed.

I am utterly crazed with possibility and I should probably wind down so I can go to bed now.

Today I took pleasure in clearing something completely from my To Do list.

Today I learned I can, in fact, fix myself some tunafish and noodles and not have the result be an utter catastrophe. (Just a partial one.)