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I Am S-M-R-T!

So I checked this nifty book out of the library called Kluge: The Haphazard Construction of the Human Mind by Gary Marcus, which is roughly about how our brains have been shaped by the messy process of evolution and the flaws that result from that.

One of the points it makes that the vagaries of human memory have been a bit overburdened by the current demands on human memory. Our memories are jogged by context and we tend to recall the remarkable moments with more vividness than the routine matters of our day. We do not recall things perfectly on a moment's notice because we as a species never needed to until relatively recently.

Suddenly, I don't feel nearly as bad about relying on electronic devices to remind me of things, any more than I should feel bad about the fact that I can't run nearly as fast as my car can drive.

With that, I came up with a ridiculously easy and nifty way to remind me of important things that I wanted to share because I bet at least some of you could benefit from it. All you need is something you're likely to already have--a cell phone with a camera function.

Here's how it works. Say I have a traffic court date coming up but I can't seem to find the ticket that has the exact date on it. I should look in my car, but by the time I get to my car, I've completely gone into car-driving-mode so I forget to look. So I write the word TICKET on a slip of paper and take a picture of it:

Next, I use the settings on my phone and set that as the wallpaper. Now each time I fire up my iPhone to check the weather or Twitter or what have you, I have this reminder staring me in the face.

Once I've gotten the matter of the ticket cleared up (court date is Monday morning, I'll be pleading not guilty to running a stop sign because I didn't run it, dangit, thanks for your concern) I can move on to something else I need to remember, such as taking a picture of the Harry Potter book I need to ship out as a trade for SwapTree:

After getting that packed up and sent, let's see, what else is there . . .

I should really clean up that mess, shouldn't I? (And, by the way, it is cleaned up as I'm writing this.)

Right. Productive day it's been, thanks to modern technology. Yay!

Today I took pleasure in a walk in the nice weather to get to the Post Office.

Today I learned which of my artworks will fit in which size Priority Mail flat rate box.