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I've Added Some Icons . . .

. . . so I guess I'll be posting here more often just to show 'em off.

This one I culled from a screenshot of a short film entitled Perversion For Profit which was put out by a group called Citizens for Decent Literature in the mid-1960s. It's in the Prelinger Archives and you can see it broken down into two parts here and here. (These links are seriously, seriously NSFW--this film provides NUMEROUS examples of the shocking, SHOCKING things that were being printed at the time.) Towards the end, there is an illustration of two happy, pretty, American White Teenagers walking down a path surrounded by evil hands rising from the muck brandishing these horrible, horrible books and the minute I saw that title my thought was "damn, I've got to make that into an LJ icon."

Once you've finished staring in gape-jawed amazement that this film got made, I encourage you to enjoy the 'remix' somebody made called Come Join the Fun. Behold the power of editing.

I am mastering the art of writing short, informative articles for quick and easy cash. Seriously. It should be enough to keep the lights on while I try to get a few other income sources cultivated. My parents seem a little nervous at the prospect, but supportive.

Supposed to be meeting up with azewewish and her family for dinner tonight. Haven't heard back on the exact time, but this is Brenda I'm dealing with after all.

Taxes filled out. Refunds forthcoming. Woo!

Today I took pleasure in washing my face.

Today I learned more about Nevada LLCs than I hope to ever make use of again.