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Um, hello...

See, part of the problem is that there is SO MUCH going on that I fear if I start writing it all down in an LJ post, it would take me a few hours and you'd all be dead of teal deer.

So. Short version.

Still unemployed. Been making art, writing and doing Second Life stuff. Looking at what it takes to turn those three activities into viable sources of income.

Definitely need to do a thorough housecleaning so I can think more clearly and work more efficiently.

Paid my neighbor thirty-five bucks to power wash my patio. Looks better than it's looked in a while. Mom has tomato plants waiting for me and hopefully this summer I'll be able to tend to them properly.

Revisiting the novel and bringing it closer to submission. Think it's time to collect some proper rejections for it.

Borrowed Dad's copy of iLife. I can haz custom iPhone ringtones nao!

Showing art at Riverfest tomorrow. We'll see how it goes.

Music is my lifeline. Just saying.

Today I took pleasure in adding just one more tweak to the novel.

Today I learned that not only was the Times Square car bombing suspect Muslim, so was the guy who first noticed and reported the car bomb.