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Got my tickets!

I took my break at 10 AM so I could get in on the fan club presale for Duran Duran tickets. Got in, got tix. got out. Tabernacle, here I come! Whoo-hoo!

Work was interesting today 'cos they went and rearranged about half the shelves while we were away. (They're in the process of remodeling the entire store.) Unfortunately, they haven't rearranged all the signage yet. I saw one perplexed customer staring at military history books and I gently guided him to where the astrology section had been moved to. Work was a little hard to come by since there were entire sections that we simply couldn't shelve since they weren't in order. I did a little extra work on magazines to make up for it.

Did I mention I got Duran Duran tickets? (I actually have a spare, if anybody's interested . . . )


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Oct. 15th, 2003 01:26 am (UTC)
yay! i got tickets too. see you there :)
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