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What did I tell you?

Long stretch of time to kill, got my phone . . . Hey! I'll go update my journal!

docwhoopee is having a yard sale, so I'm borrowing his yard to get rid of some stuff while I'm at it, since I don't have a yard of my own. So far I've sold a T-shirt for a buck, and it figures that it was the one shirt I was going back and forth on whether I wanted to sell or not.

The special screening of The Room was quite the event. I bought a copy of the DVD and got Mr. Tommy Wiseau to sign it. My friend Raven, who was hoping to attend, texted me that her car had gotten rear-ended en route, so I hastily scribbled a message for her on the back of my reciept for the spoons.

I sent it to her and she texted back "OMG!". Mission accomplished.

The Q & A with Mr. Wiseau could be more accurately described as Q & R--Question and Ramble. I think The Plaza may have video of it. His film work is definitely rooted in his personality.

The film was the usual, really. Much yelling, screaming and spoons. I ran into my friend Lyle in line and found out it was his first time seeing it. He had a rather stunned look on his face when I saw him on the way out.

So I now have a copy of this hot mess of a film on DVD and I keep uncovering new layers of weird with each viewing. I downloaded my first RiffTrax to go with it and let that ease the pain initially, but the day finally came when I took it on solo and WOW. Let's just say that the cries of SPOON! drown out lines that had me boggling all over again.

I'm working on epic word art, doing one more pass of novel revisions, adding on to my shop in Second Life and updating my resume. It's been a lively week.

Today I took pleasure in sitting outside on a nice day, waiting for people to buy stuff.

Today I learned what yard sale season in my brother's neighborhood is like.