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Sleepy Sunday

Once again, slacking off on my entry-a-day resolution. Sorry about that; I've been reading books with my employee loan program. I worry I may lose my motivation to get a higher paying job with this particular benefit.

So what else is going on? Do let me think. The Duran Duran show at the Tabernacle is sold out so I shouldn't have a hard time getting rid of my spare ticket. Duranies are already making plans to meet up and hang out before and after the show. Should be a fun time all around.

Cut out of Java Monkey early 'cos the first guy in line for the second half of the open mike sucked so egregiously that I felt the urge to depart. My apologies to any poets I might have missed.

Hooking up with a Duranie pal tomorrow for lunch. Probably should do laundry, too.