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I Wrote You a Post, But LJApp Ated It...

I got a little more paranoid about posting with my iPhone after my last entry was lost completely when the app crashed on me. But I figure I'll risk it again and hope for the best.

I've been in a sorty purgy housecleany mood of late, which is great because just before that I was in the middle of one of those big bleak waves of despair kinds of moods, and those tend to leave me with quite a bit of mess to clean up. (Seriously, I'm fine now. The decluttering, in fact, helped a great deal, since clarity of surroundings aids the clarity of mind.)

I signed up for a blog thingy called 300 Words, which challenges people to write a minimum of three hundred words each day. My past several entries there have me grappling with the demon in my head that tries to stop me from writing. I'll have to put together some kind of index to keep them handy for future reference. At the very least, it allowed me to get back to work on my final pass of novel revisions.

It's just about dinnertime, so I'd best wrap this up.

Today I took pleasure in a roast beef sandwich with spinach and fresh basil.

Today I learned some potentially useful tools in Inkscape. (Not that I can use the things with any kind of effectiveness, but I'm glad to know they exist.)