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Oh, hey, I have an LJ, don't I?

Might as well use my iPhone to update it.

Still unemployed. Still looking. Still keeping busy.

Did I mention I sent the novel out? I know I posted about it on my writing blawg, but I think I may have neglected to talk about it here. Anyway, it's out making the rounds and I'm coping my plowing my nervous energy into working on the book I started while I was down in Florida. (The working title is The Two Kinds of Magic. It's a paranormal romance. I'm having a lot of fun writing without the NaNo rules to hold to this time.)

My little clothing shop in Second Life is starting to make sales. Yikes!

I've been a bit blocked on the Word Art lately, but I did manage to get Lake's birthday present finally finished and delivered. I'll try to get a pic of it up soon.

So there's your current update on The State Of The Sheila. And how are you?

Today I took pleasure in brainstorming ideas for my book.

Today I learned a few things about that Scott Pilgrim movie that people are making such a big deal about.